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Recovery Companion

After your initial assessment you will be matched with a compatible Recovery Companion who can be with you 24 hours a day 7 days a week if necessary. Your Recovery Companion can also support you through challenging experiences such as business trips, holidays or legal cases.

Your Recovery Companion will work with you to identify high risk situations which may present as roadblock to your continued abstinence. You will look at ways to manage triggers and cravings and build a new confidence by being exposed to new experiences.

Your Recovery Companion will be challenging and supportive and help you to create a new daily routine encouraging healthy food choices, exercise and sleeping patterns.

A Recovery Companion to support you leaving a treatment centre

Returning home from an often highly structured and secure treatment centre can be a daunting task for someone in early recovery. A recovery companion can make this transition period a safer experience. A recovery companion can collect you from the treatment centre and bring you home ensuring your living environment is safe. Your recovery companion can stay with you for a period of time helping you adjust to your surroundings. Your recovery companion will help you make healthy life style choices, connect with other individuals in recovery and encourage you to adapt the tools you have learnt in treatment into daily life.

A Recovery Companion after relapsing

Remaining clean and sober can be difficult and life can sometimes bring new and unexpected challenges your way. Relapsing isn't the end of your recovery journey. A Recovery companion can help you get back on track. Using this as a learning experience together you can take an honest look at the cause of your relapse, discover new and effective copping skills and rebuild or reconnect with support networks. Your Recovery companion can be with you 24 hours a day 7 days a week until you feel ready.

After Care

As part of the Recovery Companion service we also provide an aftercare program to support sober living once treatment is complete. This can include meeting up with your Recovery companion, skype sessions and email and phone contact. Keeping in regular contact can be a brilliant tool in maintaining long term recovery. It allows you to reconnect and talk through any issues before they become problems and more importantly you don't have to feel alone on this journey.